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Category: Internet

Search string fun

Some actual search strings that brought people to our web site:

dog semen
That one’s my fault, for writing about American Wedding on the previous version of our blog.
how to eat semen
Yeah, my fault too. One wonders who would need a how-to guide for this.
postmodernism inflatable
This is what happens when you store your blog archives with multiple posts on each archive page. One post on this archive page from our old blog contains the word “postmodernism,” another contains the word “inflatable.” Result: somebody searches for “postmodernism inflatable” and Google returns a nonsensical link to our site. Now I want to know why somebody was searching for “postmodernism inflatable.”
violent stiletto heel school girl
I bet this is a hentai manga.
superpowers stiletto heels
i am curious (black) superman
It warms my heart that somebody somewhere is looking for information on this excellent comic book.

Lois Lane #106

Is no news good news?

This just in! Jessica Simpson isn’t pregnant! Not only that, but she doesn’t even plan to become pregnant any time soon! Moreover, if she were pregnant, she probably wouldn’t star in a show about it on MTV. Stay tuned for more updates in this shocking turn of events.

I realize celebrity worship is big and that I’m utterly unamerican for not having a celebrity crush (and maybe for other reasons) but I really hope there was some context to this other than “Britney’s in the news; better put out a press release.” That still doesn’t explain why anyone would publish it, though.

And just for the record, me, I’m not pregnant. Not even looking for a dog. Everything’s just a-ok, not that anyone asked me either.

Internet Explorer Eats More Babies

And another thing about Internet Explorer! It doesn’t display PNGs properly. If you’re viewing this page on IE, you won’t see a lovable little pirate underneath the Peiratikos title (by the way, “peiratikos” is an Ancient Greek word which, being translated, is “pirate,” or “pirates,” or something like that). If you want to see what IE does to our poor pirate, check out our 404 page.

Internet Explorer Eats Babies

The MIME type for XHTML is application/xhtml+xml. If you point Internet Explorer at an XHTML document with that MIME type, Internet Explorer will ask you if you want to download it. Why? Because Internet Explorer doesn’t recognize the MIME type! You can trick IE by using the text/html MIME type for XHTML documents, but you’re really not supposed to do that with XHTML 1.1, which is what we use here at Peiratikos. So we have to serve up our blog as XHTML 1.1 for people with good browsers (Mozilla and Opera) and HTML 4.01 for people with bad browsers (Internet Explorer). Bad Internet Explorer! IE also fucks up CSS. Support a browser that supports Web standards: download Mozilla.

WordPress 1.0

WordPress is the best web-publishing platform I’ve encountered (certainly tons better than Blogger, although Blogger has the advantage of free hosting on Full compliance with Web standards (so the developers claim, and I believe them), TrackBack, Pingback, no page rebuilds, pretty typography, smart text formatting, etc., etc. and so forth.

WordPress is open source freeware, but you do need your own web server to host it on. We’re paying $80 a year to use WordPress rather than Blogger or something, and it’s more than worth it.

TrackBack for all

You want to send TrackBack pings to other blogs, but your blogging tool doesn’t have TrackBack support. Right? You need SimpleTracks. It lets you send TrackBack pings even if your tool doesn’t support them (you still won’t be able to receive TrackBack pings, of course).