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About Steven

I’m twenty-three years old. I have a BA in Computer Science and I’m working on my MS. My Myers-Briggs personality type is INTP.

I don’t play favorites with art, because if I tried to list my favorite movies I’d be compelled to list dozens—I can’t prioritize! If I made a list of my top ten movies, I’d feel bad about the other hundred movies I left off the list. Same with books, but I’m pretty sure my favorite fiction authors are William Gibson, Grant Morrison—well, OK, I could name a dozen more. I give up; here are some randomly generated lists of things that I really really like. Reload for new lists!



  • The Dark Tower series by Stephen King
  • Lost at Sea by Bryan Lee O’Malley
  • Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi
  • Seaguy by Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart
  • Ubik by Philip K. Dick

To save time describing myself, I present you with these web quiz results, which doubtless reveal my inner soul:

Which Western feminist icon are you?

Angela DavisYou are Angela Davis! You were the THIRD WOMYN IN HISTORY to appear on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. You are a communinist, black power-lovin’ lady who shook up the United States when you refused to lie down quietly to oppression. You WENT TO JAIL! Wow. You kick so much more ass than Foxxy Brown.

What 20th Century Theorist are you?

Jacques LacanYou are Jacques Lacan! Arguably the most important psychoanalyst since Freud, you never wrote anything down, and the only works of yours are transcriptions of your lectures. You are notoriously difficult to understand, but at least you didn’t talk about the penis as much as other psychoanalysts. You died in 1981.

What kind of postmodernist are you!?

Revisionist HistorianYou are a Revisionist Historian. You are the Clark Kent of postmodernists. You probably want to work in a library or in social services. No one suspects you of being a postmodernist… until they read your publications!

Which influential yet unknown 1940’s computer would you hack on?

Manchester Mark I: The Mark I is one of the most important computers in history, and was the first "real" store-program computer that you could hack on with a keyboard... though you had to hack the code in binary!Man, you know how to pick’em! Sure, everyone used to think that the Brits didn’t know a vacuum tube from a spanner until the boys in Manchester showed them what for! That whole “stored program” was probably a good idea, since every computer in the 21st century uses the same idea.