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πειρ-ᾱτικός , ή, όν, A. fit for piracy, Ach.Tat.2.17 ; piratical, σκάφη Ph.2.567 ; πόλεμος Plu.Pomp. 30 ; τὸ π. ἅπαν ib.45 ; πλάνη Vett. Val.288.3 ; τὰ π. gangs of pirates, IG22.1225.13, Str.14.5.2, Plu.2.779a. Adv. -κῶς Ph.1.664 (Comp.) (also, = πειραστικῶς, Procl. in Prm. p.774S. (s.v.l.)).*

No, we’re not really very piratical, although Rose likes pirate jokes. We did both study Greek in college.

Peiratikos is the joint blog of Rose Curtin and Steven Berg, where we occasionally write about whatever interests us. It seems to interest other people too, for whatever reason. We’ve been blogging since June 2003 (look for the secret archives of Old Peiratikos, hidden somewhere on our site!), and the current incarnation of Peiratikos began in December 2003.

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* Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott, A Greek-English Lexicon. (Read it at The Perseus Digital Library.)

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