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Win Scott Pilgrim!

21 October 2004 Update (by Steven): Just to be clear: the Scott Pilgrim contest is open to everyone in the world—well, everyone who lives in a country with a working postal system, at least. Also, fellow bloggers are welcome to enter the contest.

18 October 2004 Update (by Steven): Bryan has kindly offered a watercolor drawing as an additional prize. That would make a good prize for special art entries! Note that an art component isn’t a required part of the contest, but if anybody feels like making a cool Scott Pilgrim-related drawing—a drawing of I don’t know what, since this is a contest for people who haven’t read the book, but that’s part of the challenge, I guess—then one talented artist will receive the Special Art Appreciation Prize.

So, you’ve heard about Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life but haven’t nabbed a copy yet. Volume 2 will be released in February, so now’s the time to get caught up with the story so far, and we at Peiratikos have your chance to get in on the fun. You have until 5 November, 2004 to email us at to let us know why you think you would like Scott Pilgrim for a chance to win the fairly obvious prize: your own copy of Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life. The grand prize winner will also get an XL tshirt, assuming they’re still available then. And for the artists, outstanding visual work may receive a special award.

And how will you know if Scott Pilgrim is right for you? The one-stop clearing house for all things Scott is Scott Pilgrim dot Com, where you can read reviews and view some fan art and hear what creator Bryan Lee O’Malley has to say. And since I might as well hype myself while I’m hyping Scott Pilgrim, you can see what O’Malley said to me in particular in my interview with him. More interviews are available in links from, too.

Want more looking and less talking? Get a taste of the story in two previews: a PDF document from Oni Press or a web-based preview from iComics.

And as a reminder for faithful blog readers, comics bloggers discuss Scott Pilgrim, although there are often spoilers:

And that’s it for now, I think. It doesn’t matter why you haven’t read Scott Pilgrim yet, because all we need to know is what makes you want to read it. It’s that easy, and three potential readers with the best arguments will win copies of the comic. And the grand prize winner will leave with a shirt, too! Just email your heart-wrenching tale to us at and then look for winning entries to be posted soon after the Friday, 5 November deadline.