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No year’s resolution

Speaking of resolutions, this isn’t one, but I was actually quite domestic tonight and am unjustifiably proud of getting many loads of laundry finished as well as dishes and making an apple crisp. Actually I accidentaly put in too much butter, but I think it will turn out tasty nonetheless.

I’m not sure I can promise to be chock full of sweetness and light since I think it might be cathartically fun to be cruel for no reason, but the chances are good that I won’t try it. And speaking of nice, did I mention there’s no comics content here? None!

Instead I’m going to take advantage of our new digital camera to show off what I did knitwise in New Orleans and on the plane to and from, and this is another thing I plan to continue in this new year. [Kelly, I warned you not to look. Recall this.]

This is the first of a pair of Retro Rib socks from the latest (Winter ‘04) issue of Interweave Knits. I made them an inch or two shorter than the pattern suggests, but otherwise didn’t change anything. I used Silja Strompegarn superwash wool (color 331) on size 1.5 US needles. It’s a rough machine-washable yarn, and I like it a lot. I’ve made several pairs of socks before, but this will be the first for me to keep.

retro rib multicolor sock

The flash made these colors much more washed-out and yellowy than they appear in person, but they also look amazingly garish under fluorecent lighting.

detail of sock heel and rib pattern

The color is more true here, where I give a closeup of the heel. I haven’t made this stretchy slip-stitch heel before, but it seems comfortable so far. And see, this proves I can knit and take photos of my feet! Well, proves it if you believe I did both those things, which I did. So there!