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Fanboy Rampage Rampage

Update: Although the posts have been deleted, the comments threads still exist. I’ve saved copies of them in case they disappear as well, though. I’ve added links to the comments threads.

Michael E, Fanboy Rampage guestblogger extraordinaire, has taken to deleting his own guestblogging posts—which, at the very least, leaves Chris Butcher’s followup post stranded in a context-free void. Alas, I was unable to rescue Michael’s second post from oblivion, but I captured his first before it disappeared. I reproduce it here:

Judd Winick doesn’t know what to do with that pesky Mia character in Green Arrow, so he’s going to have the former prostitute die of HIV, and get some MTV coverage too. It’s like a broken record. Jimmy Palmiotti did the same thing in The Monolith but got no MTV.

# posted by Michael @ 1:33 PM Comments (30)

Oh, I just noticed another deleted post I saved from oblivion:

Ande Parks, inker of Green Arrow, on the Oni Press boards:

“Aside from the obviously close-minded mentality that no doubt enables a lot of this “outrage”, what annoys me is the notion that authors ought to keep their personal agendas out of their work.

I have a word for those who keep their personal agendas out of their work… hacks. Even in a situation like Green Arrow, where the author is working with someone else’s property, what is the fucking point of it if the writer doesn’t come in with something to say? If they think Grell didn’t have an agenda, they weren’t paying attention. This is what Judd is passionate about, and passion is required to produce worthwhile art.”

# posted by Michael @ 5:53 AM Comments (14)


  1. Kevin Melrose says:

    You’ve done us all a valuable service, sir. Huzzah!

    — 14 October 2004 at 7:32 pm (Permalink)

  2. Ed Cunard says:

    Thanks, Steven! You people and your wicked smart computer skills.

    I still can’t operate a simple toaster.

    — 14 October 2004 at 7:36 pm (Permalink)

  3. Michael E says:

    Both of these posts were removed because of the false assumption that Winick will be dealing with Mia’s death. Another creative team will do that, but it’s out of Winick’s hands.

    The Ande Parks quote was posted because my intentions were rooted as snark under that assumption. Poisonous fruit from the killer tree, or whatever the hell the saying goes. Of course, his statement can be discussed at

    The third post was referred to in the haloscan/talkback window of the Ande Parks quote. I made fun of the phrasing in the final line of the Judd Winick MTV.COM interview, also linked in the window. But by that time I had questions I couldn’t answer from a person whose life has been impacted by HIV. I couldn’t explain delicately how I wasn’t trivializing the disease. I was already being categorized and the whole thing was too much: 100% snark and objective stances don’t go really go hand-in-hand.

    Hope that clears some things up.

    — 15 October 2004 at 9:25 am (Permalink)