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Search string fun

Some actual search strings that brought people to our web site:

dog semen
That one’s my fault, for writing about American Wedding on the previous version of our blog.
how to eat semen
Yeah, my fault too. One wonders who would need a how-to guide for this.
postmodernism inflatable
This is what happens when you store your blog archives with multiple posts on each archive page. One post on this archive page from our old blog contains the word “postmodernism,” another contains the word “inflatable.” Result: somebody searches for “postmodernism inflatable” and Google returns a nonsensical link to our site. Now I want to know why somebody was searching for “postmodernism inflatable.”
violent stiletto heel school girl
I bet this is a hentai manga.
superpowers stiletto heels
i am curious (black) superman
It warms my heart that somebody somewhere is looking for information on this excellent comic book.

Lois Lane #106


  1. Anonymous says:

    Live this next 24 hrs. as a black woman… Man, just live the next 24 hrs. White, black, red, yellow… It don’t matter what color.. Just live!!!!

    — 3 March 2006 at 12:36 pm (Permalink)