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Return of the Search Keyphrases

For some reason, about half of the search keyphrases by which people have stumbled upon Peiratikos lately are Kill Bill-related. About half of those are postmodernism in kill bill or similar, which makes me happy because I thought Kill Bill was one of the most aggressively postmodernist films I’ve ever seen (I think Quentin Tarantino probably disagrees, though).

Tragically, Anne Frank’s livejournal has been “suspended.”
tim o neil
I think you must be looking for The Hurting.
captain america mark gruenwald
I think you must be looking for Motime Like the Present.
what does the acronym marvel stand for
Machine Assisted Realization of the Virtual Electronic Library
why kids worship superheroes
Lack of prayer in the schools is my guess.
shrimp fins and scales
Remember, children, God Hates Shrimp.
bryan lee o malley
Try or Scott Pilgrim Dot Com. Then buy Scott Pilgrim and Lost at Sea. And read them.
pages are numbered
I wish.
what does the plank of a ship look like
Here’s a plank from the quarter deck of the USS Arizona.
does god care for animals?
Frankly, no.