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Aye aye, Seaguy!

I got myself a college degree! Go me. I was getting really burnt out this semester and devoted what little energy I had to my schoolwork, which resulted in a serious reduction in blogging. But now I’m free, and I just read Grant Morrison’s Seaguy #1 and New X-Men: Here Comes Tomorrow, which may very well be my favorite of the New X-Men TPBs. (I should also give a ’shout out,’ as the cool kids probably don’t say anymore, to Cameron Stewart and Marc Silvestri, who bring lovely visual life to Morrison’s scripts.) I’m feeling inspired to get back to blogging!

Speaking of Morrison’s collaboration with Stewart and Silvestri… David Fiore has harsh words for those who idealize writer/artists! Consider: if we accept only writer/artists, you know what that means—no Seaguy as the wonderful result of the collaboration of Morrison and Stewart, colorist Peter Doherty and letterer Todd Klein. And a world without Seaguy is not a world I want to live in.


  1. David Fiore says:

    Congratulations Steven!

    And I’m with ya all the way on the question of artistic collaboration!


    — 24 May 2004 at 4:17 am (Permalink)

  2. Steven says:

    Thanks, Dave.

    I can certainly sympathize when it comes to bad “collaborations” published by Marvel—e.g., New X-Men was nearly ruined early on by a succession of random and often poor fill-in art. But even Marvel manages not to hobble lots of their books. Like the second half of New X-Men, in fact.

    — 24 May 2004 at 3:04 pm (Permalink)