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Mailing List: just kidding

It needs a bit more testing…


  1. britta Stewart says:

    Nate I have seen your work on Oprah’s show many times I have a mobile home and totally hate the
    design I am married and and have little to any money
    I have a rare disease this is the first time I am
    going public with it. It is Binswanger’s Disease I
    am 50 years old and there are only 24 people in the
    world who have it. I live in my Mother’s mobile home
    and has no taste it really is not set up for a dis-
    abled person and my husband who is 61 is working to
    keep me alive and to meet the bills it is very hard
    to call it home. Every room has a different wall-
    paper and my photography taking is not good. I only
    have a 2 range of motion in my right hand and 5 range of motion. I was diagnosed on 1/4/2003 and they no cure they can only treat the symptoms as they come. I never have had a place of my own and
    decorated. I can never work or drive again. If I
    could send pictures I would. A person who totally
    loves your work.
    Could you help us out Nate.
    Thank you

    — 29 May 2004 at 1:48 am (Permalink)