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Category: General

The Time of Troubles

If you encountered the Time of Horrible Error Messages Everywhere this weekend, you may rest assured that that dark time is over.

Mailing List: just kidding

It needs a bit more testing…

Creative Commons

I’d meant to talk about this in the last post… We have a Creative Commons license, as I mentioned a couple days ago. This means that you are free to:

  • copy, distribute, display, and perform the work and
  • make derivative works

as long as you:

  • give the original author(s) credit and
  • don’t use this work for commercial purposes and
  • release any alterations, transformations, derivations, etc. of our texts under the same Creative Commons license that we use.

Our CC license is a poltical statement, our own small voices against the sort of copyright fuckery which allows Disney to sue schoolteachers who put pictures of Winnie the Pooh in their classrooms.

If you don’t want to waive any of your copyright but want to free your work from being tied up in copyright until decades after you’re dead, Creative Commons offers legal assistance for other alternatives to standard copyright, including a Founders’ Copyright that grants you copyright as described in the United States’ 1790 copyright law. For the DJs in the audience, there’s a Sampling License (useful not only for DJs, but for any artist who wants to incorporate and play with bits of others’ works).


  • We’ve got WordPress 1.01 Release Candidate 1 running here. If you encounter any problems with the site, go ahead and let us know so we can report any bugs to the WordPress developers.
  • Archive pages now have previous/next links—previous and next month for monthly archives, previous and next day for daily archives, previous and next post for individual-post archives, &c. These have been working for several days, actually, but now they’re actually working well. Hopefully this will make archive navigation a little more convenient.
  • Mailing list! Navigate to and sign up to get email notifications of new posts on the blog.
  • Blogs on the blogroll that have been updated less than 4 hours ago have a →. Yay.
  • We’ve got our little XHTML/HTML and CSS links to the W3C’s validators down in the bottom left corner of the browser window, see?

    “But Steven, why do you use XHTML 1.1 and HTML 4.01, and why do your HTML documents validate only as HTML 4.01?”

    I know you’re all thinking that now, right? Well, I’ll tell you! I already talked about this, actually, but now there’s a new nuance to the problem: the W3C HTML validator doesn’t tell my web server that it recognizes application/xhtml+xml (I assume it actually does), so the validator receives the HTML 4.01 documents I have set up for Internet Explorer. Oh well!

Upgrading the blog

Well, you’ve probably noticed the total lack of style on the site right now. We’re in the middle of a fairly major overhaul of the site which is taking longer than expected… CSS should be functional sometime today. Also watch out for some fun new features.

Our Creative Commons license

New design

If anybody’s been trying to read the blog in the last hour or so, sorry about all the craziness. Internet Explorer fucks up the design a little (surprise), but it’s still readable and I’m not inclined to try to accomodate browser stupidity right now.


I’ve changed the URIs of our syndication resources, but the old URIs still work if you’re using them.

RSS 2.0
RSS 0.92
Comments RSS 2.0

Search string fun

Some actual search strings that brought people to our web site:

dog semen
That one’s my fault, for writing about American Wedding on the previous version of our blog.
how to eat semen
Yeah, my fault too. One wonders who would need a how-to guide for this.
postmodernism inflatable
This is what happens when you store your blog archives with multiple posts on each archive page. One post on this archive page from our old blog contains the word “postmodernism,” another contains the word “inflatable.” Result: somebody searches for “postmodernism inflatable” and Google returns a nonsensical link to our site. Now I want to know why somebody was searching for “postmodernism inflatable.”
violent stiletto heel school girl
I bet this is a hentai manga.
superpowers stiletto heels
i am curious (black) superman
It warms my heart that somebody somewhere is looking for information on this excellent comic book.

Lois Lane #106

Site updates

Some new stuff on the blog:

  • The breadcrumbs script is fully functional—navigate around the site and watch in amazement as the little bar across the top of the page tells you exactly where you are in the site’s organizational hierarchy!
  • There’s an archive page, which actually isn’t terribly useful since the archives are already listed in the sidebar.
  • Archive pages don’t show the full text of posts, they just show an excerpt/summary with a link to the full post.