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Lies, Damned Lies, and No Animal Man!

I said I’d post but that was before the area on my thumb where the skin got scraped off (how? I wish I knew) got puffy and sore. Serious typing doesn’t sound like fun. Not much sounds like fun except sitting around being grumpy, which is probably not the sort of experience I should share with what readers I have.

Can someone tell me what the perjorative term for superheroes was before spandex entered common parlance? Just long underwear, something like that?

Unrelatedly, I’ve been thinking about Neilalien’s (happy early blogday) criticism of comics blog groupthink. I’m not sure I’m what he would consider a guilty party, and I at least try not to weigh in on the Next Big Thing and how it will fail. Yet I was right there on Sean Collins’s list of people defending superhero comics criticism. That even though I’ve been really unexcited by superhero comics lately, or at least when I’m not reading them. I think it’s normal that people will seek out other opinions that are basically in accord with their own. So I guess I’m just saying a certain amount of groupthink is unsurprising. What is more so is that people would think there’s total diversity. There are plenty of opinions, but some are more popular or more acceptable in certain circles. I hope this wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. And yes, I’m sort of glad David Fiore doesn’t like The Dark Knight Returns even if it may not be for the reasons I don’t. But even more I wish someone would explain what’s so hilarious and transcendent about the rape scenes in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, since that’s something I don’t understand. At any rate, it’s been my goal to post only when I think I have something at least slightly new or different to say, and I’ll try to stick with that more closely. But not because I want to be a part of palindrome-approved groupthink! Just because it seems like a good rule of thumb. And speaking of thumbs, this is enough typing for now, and probably neither new nor different at that.


  1. David Fiore says:

    rest up that thumb and come out swingin’ Rose–your public is waiting!!!


    — 25 February 2004 at 6:48 pm (Permalink)