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Scott Pilgrim Contest Countdown: T Minus 2 Days (approx.)

You have until midnight(ish!) this Friday to send in your entry for the Official Scott Pilgrim Contest! The three winners will receive copies of Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life, the first-place winner will receive a Scott Pilgrim tshirt, and one brilliant visual-art entry will be awared the Special Art Appreciation Award, a watercolor sketch by Mr. Bryan Lee O’Malley himself. To whet your appetite for Scott Pilgrim, we present now this panel excerpt featuring Kim Pine, drummer for Scott Pilgrim’s rock band Sex Bob-omb:

Kim Pine of Sex Bob-omb

Peruse the Scott Pilgrim web site to find links to reviews and commentary on the web. If you think you might find this book totally awesome, email and tell us why you think you’d like Scott Pilgrim, and you may very well win and get to find out how truly awesome it is.