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At last!

Well, here we are. Here I am, anyway—my neighborhood of the Web has finally learned that is now pointing to a new server. If you’ve been using, you can go back to If you’re using Mozilla, Netscape (maybe Opera, I don’t know), you can use our cool popup menus to the right of your screen. If you’re using Internet Explorer, use the non-popup menu to the right of your screen to navigate to pages with various archive lists and lists of XML feeds. Either way, you’ll want to check out our new citation archives. Want to know what we think of David Fiore or New X-Men? Want to know what mean things we’ve been saying about you? Now it’s easy!


  1. Bruce Baugh says:

    Just thought you’d like to know: the pop-up menus also work great in Safari.

    — 15 April 2004 at 2:15 am (Permalink)

  2. Steven says:

    That’s the Mac browser, right? Good for Apple!

    — 15 April 2004 at 2:23 am (Permalink)

  3. David Fiore says:

    welcome back!

    looks better than ever.

    where is the pirate from, anyway? did one of you draw him?


    — 15 April 2004 at 4:51 am (Permalink)

  4. Steven says:

    The pirate I found on some clipart web site. He was originally in color, so I made him grayscale and then did stuff in Photoshop with the contrast and sharpness of the image and it ended up like that.

    (If you’re saying “What pirate?” right now… you’re probably using Internet Explorer! Stop that! The pirate is a PNG image and IE can’t display PNGs properly, so no pirate for IE users. Yes, this is a running theme here at Peiratikos.)

    — 15 April 2004 at 5:28 am (Permalink)

  5. Steven says:

    OK, I relented… IE users get to see the pirate now.

    — 16 April 2004 at 12:55 am (Permalink)